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The first document of Jezera is from 1298. The town itself is probably older because in 1938. two graves of Illyrian tribe Liburnians were found not far from a place in the cove of Podjasenovac. In Jezera in 1722. on the foundations of an old medieval church, the parish church of Gospa od zdravlja was built (Mediterranean baroque). Next to the church there is a tower (32 meters high) from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town and surroundings. In the port there is the church of sv. Ivan Trogirski from the 17 Th century.

The church of sv. Roko u polju is from the 16 Th century, and the church of sv. Nikola in the cove of Murter is from 15 Th century. The church of sv. Konstancije from 1780. was built on the hill Kru?ak. It was renovated in 1994. Over the cove of Murter (2 kilometers south of the town) there is a pile of stones of a very strange spiral form. The inhabitants call it "Pudarica". It might have been used by the Illirians for sending some special signs to the ships from it and as a place from which they watched over the cove of Murter. Most documents have been written in an old Croatian script called "glagoljica".


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